Your Perfect Kids Plan
With Yep Mobile, we got everyone covered - including your kids! With Yep Mobile’s Kids Plan you will have a full service, great network and a safe phone plan suitable for your children. Yep Mobile has Nationwide* coverage. Stay in contact with your kids for the best price with Yep Mobile

Do you want a perfect Kids plan? With Yep Mobile it is easy for seniors to stay in touch with your children. Yep has the best nationwide* coverage. With Yep Mobile it is easy to add GPS tracking links: Family Locator, iSharing, Myspy... so you can always feel safe and share locations. Yep Mobile offers A student discounts/ B student discounts or a Scholarship Plan. Our Scholarship Plan offers 2 months of free service with a 12-month plan! What are you still waiting for? Yep makes wireless service accessible to families with the perfect plan for everyone. Do you want to know more about our Kids plan? Contact us through the form below, or give us a call!

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